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Merit badges

Click a merit badge name on the below site for the current requirements.  Worksheets can help Scouts organize notes, listen actively, and document their work -- but are NOT required.

Notes (for full FAQ on badges, click here):

  • A Scout is expected to meet the requirements exactly as stated – no more and no less.
  • Scouts STARTING a merit badge must use the CURRENT Boy Scout Requirements
  • Scouts must FIRST contact the merit badge counselor to ensure he/she is willing to help the Scout.  THEN the Scout must get a SIGNED BLUE CARD from the Scoutmaster.
  • Once a Scout has started a merit badge, he can continue to work on those requirements even if new requirements are published. The Scout must choose whether to complete the full set of new requirements or the full set of old requirements.
  • If a merit badge pamphlet is updated during the year, a Scout can choose to use either full set of old requirements or new requirements in the pamphlet. Those will show an effective date of the following year (i.e. a pamphlet issued in June of 2008 will say "2009 requirements").   Once the Boy Scout Requirements are updated, all Scouts starting the merit badge must use the new requirements.
Badge Requirements (full list on sidebar of site): 

The current requirements for Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Boy Scouting, involve earning 21 merit badges including the 13 in this list.  Note that where an "OR" is present, only one on the line can count towards the Eagle Required Merit Badge requirement.  If the other(s) are earned, they are "elective" badges.

  • Camping
  • Personal Fitness
  • Personal Management
  • Swimming, Hiking, or Cycling
  • First Aid
  • Citizenship in the Community
  • Citizenship in the Nation
  • Citizenship in the World
  • Cooking
  • Family Life
  • Emergency Preparedness (E-Prep) or Lifesaving
  • Environmental Science or Sustainability
  • Communication

Advancement FAQ for First Year Scouts

Here is what you need to know:

·       If you haven’t already, make sure a leader updates the back of your Scout book with your rank advancements as you work on them at camp or at meetings.  At camp, you will work on Tenderfoot, Second and First Class requirements.

·       ALWAYS bring your book with you to meetings – if you complete a rank requirement at a meeting, please have a leader sign your book.

·       Whenever you take part in a campout or a service project or any other Scout event, make sure to note that in the back of your book.  Those events all “count” towards various rank advancement requirements.

·       Once a leader has updated your book, review the requirements for Tenderfoot (and possibly Second Class).  If you see something you know that you have done, check it off and then bring it to a leader to initial. 

·       Once everything (except the Scout Spirit, Scoutmaster Conference, and Board of Review) are signed off for your next rank, please let the Advancement Chair know you are ready to rank.She will schedule a Scoutmaster conference and a Board of Review during a Scout meeting.  PLEASE provide at least two weeks’ notice prior to a Court of Honor (awards ceremony).

·       A Scoutmaster Conference is a short meeting with the Scoutmaster and an Assistant Scoutmaster.  They will look at the backof your book and ensure that you have met the requirements. NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE YOUR BOOK

·       Once the Scoutmaster conference is complete, you will (usually) go (immediately) toa Board of Review with three registered adults.They will determine whether you will receive your rank award.  They will ask you some basic questions aboutyour Scouting experience – for the first three ranks, it is pretty informal, sono worries!

·       You CAN receive Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class at the same time.  Many Scouts will be ready for both Tenderfoot and Second Class at the same time.

Hope this helps explain how Boy Scouts “rank” a little bit.  Parents,you can always direct questions to the Scoutmaster, Committee Chair or Advancement Chair. Scouts, please see the Senior Patrol Leader or your Troop Guide with your questions, or the Advancement Chair when you are ready to rank or have merit badges (blue cards).